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2nd Edition - SMART Course on Mechanical Ventilation

2nd Edition - SMART Course on Mechanical Ventilation


  • Why do we ventilate? Pathophysiology of gas exchange
  • Controlled mechanical ventilation settings: basics
  • How to assess respiratory mechanics at the bedside
  • Strategies to set PEEP and to evaluate lung recruitment/over distension
  • Imaging techniques to guide mechanical ventilation: Computed Tomography
  • Imaging techniques to guide mechanical ventilation: Ultrasound + EIT
  • Heart-lung interaction during controlled ventilation
  • Assisted mechanical ventilation settings: basics
  • Evaluating patient’s ventilator synchrony
  • Non-invasive ventilations: indications and caveats
  • Non-invasive ventilations: which interfaces and which modes?
  • Non-conventional forms of ventilation: APRV/PAV/NAVA
  • Transpulmonary pressure and lung volumes
  • Weaning from mechanical ventilation
  • Heart-lung interaction during assisted ventilation
  • Prone position theoretical and practical aspects
  • Role of ECMO in the treatment of acute respiratory failure

(with real ventilators)