Who we are

CIMPARC, Consortium of Multidisciplinary Pain Researchers and Clinicians, is a non governmental, independent, non-profit, international research and educational group created by researchers and clinicians to promote a translational approach to pain therapy.

CIMPARC was created as a natural evolution of the international research and educational group SIMPAR (Study In Multidisciplinary Pain Research).

CIMPARC promotes the study, education, and training of a translational (from bench to bedside) approach to acute and chronic pain management, encouraging dissemination of information and knowledge, scientific research and improvement of clinical practice.

CIMPARC does NOT have individual affiliate members. However, CIMPARC welcomes INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS such as Universities, charitable organizations, and non profit organizations interested in supporting the mission and objectives of CIMPARC.

Annual Meeting

After the overwhelming success of the last nine International Meetings on Pain Research (SIMPAR) in Pavia, Rome and Firenze, we will close the SIMPAR experience and start with the 1st CIMPARC international meeting in Baveno, Italy.

The first CIMPARC International Meeting will be an extraordinary and exclusive education experience reserved for 100 attendees.
The delegates will share two working days looking for new research questions and sharing the more advance knowledge in pain treatment with 15 outstanding speakers.

Durata totale:Dal 14/03/2019 al 15/03/2019

Location:Baveno - Corso G. Garibaldi, 20 (Grand Hotel Dino)

Numero posti:120

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